SCADA System

We provided the complete scope of design, detailed engineering, supply, programming, installation, testing and commissioning of an integrated SCADA system, encompassing 8 stations, for Malaysia's first Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system. Each station was provided with a local control panel, equipped with a dual redundant PLC system and a local HMI station. The panels were networked via a fibre optic communication system to a control centre with dual redundant SCADA servers, two operator workstations and one projected display. The physical I/O points that were controlled and monitored include building services such as lifts, escalators, fire management, lighting, power supply & distribution, access control and others. The project also involved multiple interfaces to third party systems such fleet tracking, public announcement, CCTV, power monitoring, network switches and wireless gateways utilising SNMP, XML, Modbus and custom written APIs. All data was made available at the control centre for visualisation, alarm management and reporting.

Design Consultancy

Automobile manufacturers utilise in-vehicle CAN networks that allow various network nodes to communicate with one another and to provide information to ECUs. We provided design consultancy and undertook firmware programming to support vehicle manufacturers in developing suitable protocols and software test methodologies to implement CAN networks within automobiles.