Plant Monitoring and Control

CANS was selected as the main automation contractor to implement a BMS/SCADA system to control and monitor various services within a semiconductor plant. The scope of works involved the design, detailed engineering, supply, programming, installation, cabling works, testing, commissioning and project management of the entire contract. The system consisted of dual redundant SCADA servers, three client workstations, one alarm management workstation, three HMI panel computers and twenty three local control panels equipped with PLCs. The project involved monitoring about 2500 I/O's distributed throughout the plant. More than 800 instruments were supplied and installed by CANS. These instruments measured flow, pressure, differential pressure, temperature, vibration, water level, dew point, pH, water hardness, Chlorine, etc. There were multiple high level interfaces with existing instruments and 3rd party systems such as transformers, compressors, chillers, air handing units, air-dryers, various existing PLCs, VSDs, power meters, etc. Planning was crucial as the work had to be carried out in a running plant. Efficient coordination and project management was key to the successful roleout of this project.