Independent High Level Alarm

We executed a number of projects for a multinational oil & gas company as part of a global compliance initiative to protect the environment and improve safety in fuel distribution terminals. These projects involved the engineering, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of a SIL rated safety system for high level alarm annunciation of fuel storage tanks. Each system included an annunciator control panel (consisting of a safety PLC, safety annunciator, safety relays, safety rated power supply modules, IS isolators, surge arrestors and bypass switches), field cabling works, beacons and sounders. Our scope of works also included the calibration and validation of radar tank gauges.

Network Infrastructure

CANS was awarded the IT subcontract for a fuel terminal in Malaysia. The scope of work executed by CANS includes the supply and installation of computer network cables, telephone cables, earthing system, server room construction complete with raised floor, electrical distribution system and UPS system.

Security Systems

We are one of the largest provider of security systems for fuel terminals and oil & gas refineries in Malaysia. The security systems provided by CANS comprise of industrial grade CCTV systems used to monitor perimeter security and plant operations. Each CCTV camera is linked through a fibre optic backbone to a central CCTV server (dual redundant configuration) where video images can be stored and viewed. The CCTV cameras consist of fixed, PTZ speed dome and explosion proof cameras. CANS also supplies access management solutions for these facilities, which incorporate biometric and card access control for personnel and vehicles. Robust high speed wireless communication links are used in areas where it is not feasible to run cables.