Energy Monitoring and Control

CANS was selected to design, develop and manufacture a custom embedded board and corresponding software to measure energy consumption within the premises of a state owned telecommunications company. The solution which CANS deployed included web based technology which allowed maintenance personnel to remotely connect into the system and examine data from anywhere in the world. The data was used to formulate energy optimisation policies within the company.

Chilled Water Metering

As buildings become more intelligent, building managers are able to add further value to their operations. We were appointed by several office building operators to design, engineer, supply, install, program, test, commission and maintain a chilled water metering system. Chilled water is used to provide centralised air conditioning to office units. The purpose of the system was to accurately measure the amount of heat energy exchanged by the FCU within each office unit. This ensures that the building operators are able to accurately bill tenants for the consumed energy. The chilled water metering system consists of heat meters, communication gateways and a centralised server to perform calculations.

Chiller Control and Monitoring

Our customer, a large shopping mall, was faced with increasingly high electricity bills and was looking for a way to improve the efficiency of their air conditioning system. Their HVAC system was ageing and the closed loop controls were no longer performing at their optimal capability. In collaboration with an energy consultant, we implemented a chiller control system to improve the efficiency of the chiller plants through the implementation of custom algorithms. The solution consisted of instrumentation, a PLC system, a human machine interface and a reporting system.