Intelligent Building Management

CANS has been involved in various projects which include the design, detailed engineering, supply, programming, installation, testing and commissioning of control systems within commercial and industrial buildings. The control systems comprise of DDC, communication networks and head-end visualisation systems. The systems mainly regulate the HVAC services (AHU, FCU, fans, chillers) and electricity power consumption (lighting, substations, gensets, distribution boxes). Various other services such as pumps, water reticulation and building access control are also interfaced to the systems we provide.

Embedded System

We were approached by a prominent supplier of lift monitoring systems to undertake the design and development of an application specific embedded board. This effort resulted in an eight layer embedded board equipped with a microprocessor, serial ports, dual Ethernet ports, PCI bus, PMC bus, modem and I/O points. The works included hardware design, component selection & placement, board layout, PCB routing, firmware coding and porting of embedded Linux O/S.